Yoga Workout Vinyasa Flow Level 3

After completing this yoga class you can call yourself a fully fledged yoga guru! Rebekah take the pace up in this level 3 workout for a faster class. Starting off in seated pose she take you through cat cow, downward dog, upward dog, warrior one, warrior two, plank, triangle pose, standing triangle, horse pose, half formed bend, full formed bend, lunge pose, high lunge pose, half cresent moon, wild thing pose, pigeon pose, half lotus, hero pose, childs pose, stradle stretch, cosmic egg, yoga twists, yoga bridges, yoga wheels, shoulder stand, plough pose, full lotus, fish pose and finishes up with some relaxation and oms. If this does not satisfy your yoga craving nothing will!
Fitness Fact: Sports bras should be replaced like shoes… every 6-9 months due to elastic breakdown.


Category: Yoga | Instructor: Rebekah | Music: various | Length: 47 mins | Created: Friday, 10 May 2013

Yoga Level 3 Angela

Level 3 yoga fitness video, this class combines the first two for a yoga master class.

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Yoga Level 2 Rebekah

Level 2 intermediate Vinyasa Flow yoga workout with Rebekah, different poses, faster paced.

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Pilates Level 2

Kadi again for a level 2 Pilates fitness video. With some progression on from the level 1 class.

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