Yoga Workout Vinyasa Flow Level 2

So you have done the Level 1 yoga class? Well done you are on your way to becoming a yoga guru! Rebekah takes you through another Vinyasa Flow yoga workout this time with some intermediate poses, you may need a yoga strap and/or block if you are stiff throught the hips and hamstrings. Poses in this workout include childs pose, plank, warrior one, warrior two, upward dog, downward dog, triangle pose, horse pose, pigeon pose, eastern squat, tree pose, seated pose, cosmic egg, yoga bridges, yoga wheels, plough pose, fish pose and some oms to finish up.
Fitness Fact: Did you know that you get a new stomach lining every three to four days?


Category: Yoga | Instructor: Rebekah | Music: various | Length: 50 mins | Created: Friday, 10 May 2013

Yoga Level 3 Rebekah

Prepare to become a fully fledge Vinyasa Flow yoga master once you have done this class!

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Yoga Level 2 Angela

Intermediate yoga workout, Angela take the yoga moves from the first class to the next level.

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Yoga Level 3 Angela

Level 3 yoga fitness video, this class combines the first two for a yoga master class.

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