Power Yoga Workout With Julie Level 3

Julie take you through the level 3 power yoga class and steps things up a notch, you will learn a lot from this power yoga workout! Julie starts off with a recap on power yoga breathing, then warms up with childs pose, cat cow and thread the needle and add in a arm stretch.

Sun Salutation A is repeated form the level 2 class (prayer posistion, forward fold, half way lift, jump, downward dog, high plank, half way bend, upward dog, downward dog, jump, forward fold and back to prayer pose) with the addition of a low plank off the knees. Sun Salutation B is repeated (prayer pose, chair pose, forward fold, half lift, jump, downward dog, high plank, upward dog, downward dog, warrior one, downward dog, jump, fold and chair pose) with the addition of a back bend.

Julie the shows you some new yoga poses, rag doll, gorillas, twists and full crow with feet off the floor. The toe grab on the yoga balances is extended and julie get you to shut your eyes while you hold the poses! Some spinal twists are added into the pigoen stretch sequence. Yoga wheels and boat pose is added in to the bridges sequence. To finish up with Julie has you doing a power yoga head stand!

Fitness Fact: Did you know that your brain is much more active at night than during the day?


Category: Yoga | Instructor: Julie | Music: various | Length: 49 mins | Created: Monday, 10 June 2013

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