Power Yoga Workout With Julie Level 2

Power Yoga workout with Julie again, make sure you have done the first power yoga workout before attempting this one. Julie starts off with a recap on power yoga breathing, then warms up with childs pose, cat cow and thread the needle.

Sun Salutation A in this level 2 power yoga class goes as follows, prayer posistion, forward fold, half way lift, jump, downward dog, high plank, half way bend, upward dog, downward dog, jump, forward fold and back to prayer pose.Sun Salutation B includes, prayer pose, chair pose, forward fold, half lift, jump, downward dog, high plank, upward dog, downward dog, warrior one, downward dog, jump, fold and chair pose.

Julie then takes you through a cresent lunge yoga sequence, starting with downward dog, three leg dog, flip dog, crescent lunge, crescent lunge twist with leg lift and warrior two.

Yoga balances are next with eagle pose, tree pose with toe grab and dancer pose. Half pigeon and double pigeon are then done to stretch the groin and quads. The bridges from the first power yoga workout are repeated with the addition of the wheel pose. Julie finishes the yoga class with meditation and body rotations awareness.

Fitness Fact: Did you know that toning your butt actually makes your stomach look smaller?


Category: Yoga | Instructor: Julie | Music: various | Length: 48 mins | Created: Monday, 10 June 2013

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