Power Yoga Workout With Julie Level 1

This is a power yoga level 1 workout with Julie. Julie starts off with basic power yoga breathing then introduces childs pose, and gets you warmed up with cat + cow postitions. Downward dog, cobra, foward fold and prayer pose are taught to you next so you can use them later.

Julie then takes you through Sun Salutation A which goes prayer pose, forward fold, half way lift, downward dog, childs pose, cobra and into prayer pose. Then onto Sun Salutation B, prayer pose, chair pose forward fold, half lift, downward dog, childs pose, cobra, downward dog, warrior 1.

Julie then introduces the crescent lunge sequence for both right and left legs, prayer pose, downward dog, crescent lunge. Squat position and baby crow with feet tapping are taught next. She then does some balance poses for both legs including tree posisiton followed by half pigeon for both legs and half pigeon quad stretch. Then onto some bridges and wind screen wipers, some inversion and fish posture, then some abdominal work and finishes on some meditaion.

Fitness Fact: Did you know that it only takes 100 too many calories each day to gain 10 pounds in a year?


Category: Yoga | Instructor: Julie | Music: various | Length: 46 mins | Created: Sunday, 9 June 2013

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