Yoga Fitness Video with Angela Level 1

A yoga fitness video with Angela for beginners. This is a level 1 yoga fitness video which will teach you some basic yoga moves put together in a beautiful sequence.
Fitness Fact: Yoga combines stretching, breathing, and relaxation — all of which can benefit your heart. Stress is a major risk factor for heart disease, but practicing yoga regularly can help you reduce stress and lower your risk for heart disease.


Category: Yoga | Instructor: Angela | Music: n/a | Length: 50 mins | Created: Sunday, 1 April 2012

Yoga Level 2

Intermediate yoga fitness video, Angela take the yoga moves from the first class to the next level.

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Yoga Level 3

Level 3 yoga fitness video, this class combines the first two for a yoga master class.

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Pilates Level 1

Level 1 Pilates fitness video by Kadi. Great class for beginners or people who are new to pilates.

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