Medicine Ball Workout Level 1 with Pete

Pete introduces you to the medicine ball, and show you some basic exercises. You will need a 3-5kg medicine ball for this workout, alternatively find something heavy lika a brick to use! Pete show you side lunges, squats, backwards lunges, press up and medicine ball twists.
Fitness Fact: Free weights build muscle mass faster than weight machines. That’s because your muscles must balance free weights on their own, without assitance from the machine.


Category: Tone | Instructor: Pete | Music: n/a | Length: 20 mins | Created: Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Kettle Bell Level 2

Kettle bell workout with Pete using all your major muscle groups, grab a kettle bell and feel the burn!

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Tone Level 2

This fitness video combines the previous three into one big all over body workout, toning head to toe!

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Circuits Level 1

Check out the funky music on this level 1 circuit training class with jason we are sure you will love it!

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