Bosu Workout Level 1 With Pete

A bosu is a great bit of equipment for toning and balance, this is an all over body bosu workout, Pete takes you through bosu squats, bosu lunges, bosu press ups, bosu situps, bosu planks and more. The workout is in a circuit format 20 reps for each exercise and there are 3 circuits in total.
Fitness Fact: Exercise and lean body mass boosts your metabolism. Muscle needs more calories to sustain than does fat therefore the more muscle mass you have to more calories you need to sustain your weight (higher metabolism).

Category: Tone | Instructor: Pete | Music: n/a | Length: 45 mins | Created: Sunday, 22 September 2013

Medicine Ball Level 1

Medicine ball workout that will tone you up and get you fit, grab a ball and join in.

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Bosu Workout Level 2

Bosu workout level 2, this bosu workout is more challenging than the level 1 to get you super fit!

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Kettle Bell Level 2

Kettle bell workout using all your major muscle groups, grab a kettle bell and feel the burn!

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