Stretch Head to Toe Level 1 Yana

An all over body stretch with Yana, this is a great class to do after any Zoobado workout as it really helps you to recovery and relax. You may need a towel or pilates band for some of the stretches depending on how flexible you are, so have one handy. 

Yana starts off stretching the hamstrings and calfs from a variety of positions. Then on to hip and glute stretches from different positions to stretch the muscles from all angles. From the glutes the groin is then stretched with a few different stretches with varying intensities. Some amazing quad stretches are next that will have you legs feeling like new again. Yana the does some stretches involving the hamstrings, groin, glutes and side in combination.  Your shoulder blades and back will be stretched out next, then into shoulder and tricep stretches. Head to toe stretch for you, aren’t we nice!

Fitness Fact: Exercise increases cardiac output (blood pumped) throughout the body, better delivering nutrients and oxygen to the body and removing toxins and waste out of the body.


Category: Stretch | Instructor: Yana | Music: various | Length: 33 mins | Created: Friday, 30 August 2013

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