Qigong Fitness Video with Darren Level 3 Extras

Another Qigong level 3 fitness video, in this video Darren teachs some to the Qigong movements he has learnt from his travels to China and training with the temple masters. A great fitness video, you won’t find this sort of class at your gym. More info about Darren and Qigong at “www.southerncranekungfu.com”:http://www.southerncranekungfu.com/
Fitness Fact: Astronaut Alan Shepard played golf on the Moon after he smuggled a golf ball and club on to the NASA Apollo 14 mission to the Moon in 1971.


Category: Qigong | Instructor: Darren | Music: n/a | Length: 32 mins | Created: Sunday, 27 May 2012

Qigong Level 1

A level 1 Qigong fitness video with Darren, a great introduction to Qigong.

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Qigong Level 2

Level 2 Qigong fitness video, movements from the first class plus some new ones.

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Qigong Level 3

A Qigong level 3 fitness video, Darren takes it all to an advanced level.

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