Pilates Workout with Yana Level 2 Version 2

This pilates video has some progress on from the first so make sure you are comfortable with the level 1 pilates workout. This pilates workout will  require a pilates block/thick book and a pilates ball/cushion.

Yana does a recap of the pilates fundamentals to start with taking you through the basic pilates breathing and pilates body positioning from the level 1 video.

For the main pilates workout you will be shown pilates 100’s, half roll backs, one leg circles, rolling like a ball, seal prep, single leg stretch, scissors, shoulder bridge, roll over, oblique twists, one leg kicks, shoulder stability, pilates side bends and a full push up from standing.

Fitness Fact: Exercisers can improve their performance by as much as 15 percent if they listen to music while working out.


Category: Pilates | Instructor: Yana | Music: various | Length: 50 mins | Created: Monday, 5 August 2013

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