Circuit Training Class with Jason Level 1

Jason take you through a beginners circuit training class, a great introduction for new people. The class covers cardio, upper body, lower body and core all with some funky tunes playing in the background!
Fitness Fact: Muscles are 65% water.


Category: Circuits | Instructor: Jason | Music: Power Music | Length: 48 mins | Created: Thursday, 21 March 2013

Circuit Level 2 Jason

Jason with even more funky music and a slighly tougher circuit training class to step you up a notch.

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Circuit Level 3 Jason

A level 3 master class in circuit training by Jason, this is going to get you seriously fit and pumped!

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Circuit Level 1 Pete

A great circuit class with Pete for people who are new to circuit training, an all over body workout.

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