Ballet Fitness Level 2 v2 With Yana

A different ballet fitness level 2 workout with Yana, this video has different exercises and is slightly faster paced than the first class. You will need a chair back or shelf roughly hip height to use as a ballet bar or use anything around the house that is sturdy and won’t move. Yana starts with a ballet warm up using the ballet bar with demi plies and grand pliés.  Ballet first position with demi, grand plié and pour de bra at then put into a combination.

Yana then does a variety of progressive ballet exercises using the ballet bar, one leg off the floor swings, ballet toe taps, foot off the floor bending the supporting leg. The exercises are a step up from the level 1 class making your thighs work harder and forcing you to balance more. The ballet balancing exercises are made tougher by making you raise your legs higher and letting go of the ballet bar.  Yana then does some soft movements using the arms and legs taking you through some arm positioning. The ballet leg lifts are higher and faster in this class and the leg on the ballet bar section puts you leg higher really stretching the hamstrings. Yana takes you through a standing ballet balance  to finish up, combining everything you have learnt so far. Lots of great ballets fitness exercise for you to master here!

Fitness Fact: After the age of 30, women lose minimum 0.5% muscle mass every year

Category: Ballet | Instructor: Yana | Music: various | Length: 31 mins | Created: Friday, 30 August 2013

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