Ballet Fitness Level 1 v2 With Yana

A variation on the first level 1 ballet fitness class, you will need a chair back or shelf roughly hip height to use as a ballet bar or use anything around the house that is sturdy and won’t move. Yana does a ballet warm up to start to warm up the hips and knees.

Feet positions follow, ballet first position and ballet second position with a heel lift.  Yana then takes your through ballet demi pliés into grand pliés. One leg balances and side bends follow to really work your thoughts hips and core. Forward bending is next for spinal mobility and correct ballet positioning. Then back into ballet first position taking a foot off the floor to the front back and side. Yana then shows you how to shift your weight from one foot to the other using first position and first position with a foot off the floor bending the sporting leg, great food thighs strength and balance. Forward and back port de bras for spinal flexibility. Yana then shows you ballet grand batmon to your glutes and hip flexors. Foot on the bar with a bending supporting leg the follows for thigh strength and balance using both legs and spinal releases to finish up. A great ballet fitness class for all.

Fitness Fact: Fidgeting can burn about 350 calories a day.

Category: Ballet | Instructor: Yana | Music: various | Length: 36 mins | Created: Friday, 30 August 2013

Ballet Fitness Level 1

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Ballet Fitness Level 2

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Ballet Fitness Level 2 v2

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