Ballet Fitness Level 2 With Yana

This is the second of Yana’s ballet bar fitness videos, if you don’t have a ballet bar at home you can use the back of a chair of shelf which is roughly hip height.
Yana take you though a ballet bar warmup to get you started with knee bends and going up on to your toes. Yana then shows you third and forth position with your feet. You then do four demi  pliés and for grand pliés using first, second, third and forth ballet feet positions.
Ballet side bends and forward bends are next, then onto ballet balances with different feet  positions. The balances are longer and stronger than the level 1 ballet bar fitness video.  These balances are great for you calves, thighs and glutes, keeping them strong. Hip releases follow in preparation for leg raises to come. Then leg swing next are a bit harder than level 1 ballet bar fitness and you don’t touch the floor this time. Tandu is next with a faster pace.
Yana the show you ballets leg raises to the side, but this time a bit faster than. Fifth arm position is the introduced with some one leg balancing. One leg ballet balances are then taken a step further to really work the thighs and glutes with longer balances and leg movements.  This ballet bar fitness video includes some much higher leg swings taking you leg as high as your chest (if you can!).
Stretches next, more thighs, hamstring and glute stretches from the front and side of the ballet bar, but this time using fifth arm position.  And a cat stretch to finish with.  Another great ballet bar fitness video to work you a bit harder.

Fitness Fact: Standing up straight burns more calories than slouching.


Category: Ballet | Instructor: Yana | Music: various | Length: 41 mins | Created: Tuesday, 13 August 2013