Skipping Workout with Jason Level 1

Jason takes you through a level 1 skipping workout. Obviously you will need a skipping rope for this class and a few square meters to jump around in, head outside if there is no space for skipping indoors.
Fitness Fact: You can burn 211 calories in just 15 minutes of jump roping


Category: Aerobics | Instructor: Jason | Music: various | Length: 38 mins | Created: Sunday, 11 August 2013

Skipping Level 2

The skipping is taken up a notch in the main skipping section of the video.

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Skipping Level 3

Jason takes a level 3 ultimate skipping workout, the class for champions!

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Aerobics Class Level 1

Aerobics level 1 with Diana, plenty of moving around in this aerobics video.

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