Aerobics Class with Diana Level 3

Congratulations you have made it to Diana’s level 3 aerobics class, give yourself a pat on the back. Water bottles/dumbbells will be needed for this aerobics video.

This a fast and very active aerobics workout, after taking you through the warmup and stretch Diana take you through combinations of punching and jumping, skiing, double jogs, supermans, squats, heel digs, jacks, grape vines, star jumps and squat jumps. During the toning part of the aerobics videos Diana does shoulder presses, hamstring curls, twisting press ups, side squat thrusts, boat crunches, cross overs bum lifts cycling oblique crunches and elbow push ups. Diana finishes up the aerobics workout with a full body stretch.

Fitness Fact: The human body has 650 muscles.


Category: Aerobics | Instructor: Diana | Music: Power Music | Length: 47 mins | Created: Saturday, 6 July 2013

Aerobics Class Level 3

Aerobics class level 3, a brilliant aerobcs workout with toning that will work you really hard!

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