500 Reps with Pete 3

You will need a couple of 1L water bottles for this workout. This is a all over body 500 rep workout with Pete and lasts about 20 mins. The Exercises are burpees, reverse crunches, jump lunges, rear flies, press ups, shoulder presses, plank and hip raises.
Fitness Fact: You don’t need a gym membership to strength train.

Category: 500 Reps | Instructor: Pete | Music: n/a | Length: 20 mins | Created: Saturday, 19 October 2013

500 Reps 5

Pete takes a 500 rep workout that focuses on the lower half, legs, calfs, bum and abs.

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500 Reps 4

An all over body 500 reps workout with Pete, with a different selection of exercises.

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500 Reps 1

The first of Pete's 500 rep workouts, all over body hitting all the major muscle groups.

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