500 Reps with Pete 1

Pete takes you through a 500 rep workout starting with squats, planks, side lunges, bent over row, backwards lunge, press ups and ab cross overs. 20 mins long. You will need a couple of 1L water bottles for this workout.
Fitness Fact: Eating at night does not make you fat – overeating does.

Category: 500 Reps | Instructor: Pete | Music: n | Length: 20 mins | Created: Saturday, 19 October 2013

500 Reps 2

This 500 reps workout works you legs, abs, back chest and shoulers, a head to toe workout.

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500 Reps 3

This 500 rep workout starts off fast and hard with burpees and ends on abs and core.

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500 Reps 4

An all over body 500 reps workout with Pete, with a different selection of exercises.

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