250 Reps with Pete 7

Pete takes you through a 250 rep core and ab workout. the reps in this one are made up of reverse crunches, plank, heel tap situps and back extension. A great way to tone up your abs before a night out. 10 minutes long, approximately 99 calories burned.
Fitness Fact: You can’t calculate body fat percentage from height and weight alone – you need to physically measure it.

Category: 250 Reps | Instructor: Pete | Music: n/a | Length: 11 mins | Created: Thursday, 31 October 2013

250 Reps 1

Pete takes the first 250 reps workout, this includes spuats, planks and lunges.

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250 Reps 5

Leg and core 250 reps workout, this includes backwards lunges, cycling situps and squats.

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250 Reps 6

A quick 9 minute  blast 250 reps workout, this includes jump lunges, hip raises and leg slides.

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