Workouts FAQs

FAQs about Zoobado workout videos.

What do the Levels mean on the workouts?

Level 1 workouts are designed for beginners.

Level 2 are intermediate classes for those familier withe the level 1 class.

Level 3 are for advanced people of those looking to be worked hard.

How often do you add new workouts to Zoobado?

We aim to add new workouts every other week, follow us on Twitter and we will let you know when we do.

Do I need any equipment for the workouts?

Some of our workouts require a few basic bits of equipment, most of our workouts are planned to be perfromed at home with things that you have around the house. The description text below the video will tell you if you need anything.

Can I put my workout video on Zoobado?

Yes you can! Contact Us and send us a copy of your workout, if it is good quality we will feature it. We prefer a full workout, no 5 min tasters/teaser videos because they are just annoying! If we don't currently have a category for your type of workout we can create one for you, we are open to all sorts of fitness.