Video Problems FAQs

FAQs about video problems with using Zoobado.

Videos won't play?

Try paying your internet bill! Also try:

  1. Close all other applications, especially those using the internet.
  2. Turn the HD button to off, this should make the video load quicker.
  3. If other people in the house are using the internet tell them to stop using up all the bandwidth and go get a life.
  4. Refresh the page.

I'm on the workout page but the video is missing?

At certain time of the night/early morning our hosting company sometimes does maintenance and a video my not be available for 30mins-1hr. Firstly we would like to say you are truly dedicated if you are working out at 2 in the morning! Secondly, it is only a temporary thing and the workouts pop up again pretty quick, wait a few minutes or try another workout.