The Zoobado Experience

You are about to experience Zoobado, so how can your prepare and what can you expect?


  • Have a drink of water to hand
  • Have a towel near by incase you get sweaty
  • Lose comfy clothes, shorts and a vest if it's warm
  • 2m by 2m of clear floor space to move around in
  • Set up you computer/laptop/tv/tablet on something stable, make sure you can see it from different angles as well as down low for when you do floor exercises
  • If you have any underlying medical problems please get your doctors approval prior to doing a Zoobado fitness video


  • Plug your computer into your tv and or music system to make the most the big screen picture and our brilliant music.
  • Find a friend and get them to join in the workout with you.


  • You will probably get a bit hot a sweaty
  • Most of our fitness videos are around 60mins
  • If you feel sick/dizzy sit down and take a rest till you recover
  • Stick with the workout
  • By the end of the workout you will feel very energised and alert
  • Regular use of Zoobado will help you gain fitness and lose weight