Do You Zoobado?

Zoobado is a fitness website that delivers full length workout videos that are totally free for you to use and enjoy. We have a range of fitness videos to suit all tastes, our current library includes aerobics, dance, toning, combat, spinning, pilates, stretch and motivation videos.

We here at Zoobado believe that fitness is for everyone, young old, big small, fitness should be free and fun, all of our workouts can be done at home with little or no equipment and are suitable for all levels of fitness. Zoobado's aim is to get the world fitter and healthier with workout videos that are effective and fun.

Find some space at home, select the video you want on your computer, laptop, tablet, tv or phone click play on the workout you want and you are off! Simply follow the instructor. Make it even more fun by getitng a friend and doing the workout together.

Our workouts come in three levels of intensity:

  • Level 1: Basic starting level people who are new to fitness.
  • Level 2: Intermediate level for those with regular workout experience.
  • Level 3: Advanced level for those who are looking to really be pushed hard, make sure you can complete level 2 before attempting level 3.

Using our fitness videos often will help you to lose weight, tone up, improve your fitness and well-being. We are regularly adding new fitness videos to our site, so check back soon or follow us on twitter to stay informed of our latest workouts.

If you have produced your own workout video that you would like us to feature on Zoobado Contact Us to get is set up.