Aerobics Class with Demi Level 1

Aerobics class for the beginners, Demi takes you through the basic of aerobics in this great introdutory class, side steps, marching, heel digs, grape vines, arm raises, box steps, star jumps. The class finishes up with some toning exercises for the abs, legs and bum, Demi will get you doing some ab crunches, russian twists, leg drops, back extensions, squats and lunges. You will need a 1L water bottle to use as a weight for some of the exercises.


Category: Aerobics | Instructor: Demi | Music: Power Music | Length: 48 mins | Created: Sunday, 1 April 2012

Skipping Level 1

Skipping workout, Jason takes you through the skipping basics and gets your heart beating and your legs bouncing.

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Core Fitness Basics Level 1

Basic core workout, Pete takes you though, situps, planks, leg slides, heel touches, side planks, back extensions, cobras.

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Pilates Level 1

Introducing Yana and a new Pilates workout, an amazing level 1 Pilates class for you, teaching you the fundamentals of pilates.

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